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There are 2 rankings in Victoria. The Official IFPA rankings, and the VFPA rankings

VFPA Rankings

Current Standings

Top 32 players at 30 November of the current year will qualify for the Victorian Pinball Championship to be held in December. Every monthly VIC tournament will be included in the rankings regardless of attendence. Every non monthly tournament will also be included as long as there are at least 16 participants.

Every Tournament that qualifies is an opportunity to earn VPPRs (Victorian Pinball Play Ranking points, Otherwise know as 🐍Vippers 🐍). Each winner will earn the maximum VPPRs for a tournament, with a sliding scale of points depending on position:

  • 50 VPPRs – Standard tournament with 49 players or less
  • 75 VPPRs – Tournament with 50~74 players
  • 100 VPPRs – Tournament with 75+ players

Only the top 32 players will be invited to play and if you are unable to attend the finals you will forfeit your position and your place will NOT be given to the next person on the list. So if 12 people are unable to attend, that means the final will consist of 20 people.

Format = Swiss Fair Strikes
Fair Strikes means you play in groups (usually 4 players). If you come first you get 0 strikes, if you come last you get 2. If you come anywhere in the middle of that (2nd or 3rd, or just 2nd in a 3 player group) you get 1.
However this time the with the amount of starting strikes AVAILABLE you have depending on your finishing position on the VFPA rankings. 14 strikes and you are out.
Pairings will be SWISS, which means the top 4 will play each other, and everyone will be grouped depending on how many strikes they have left at every round.

Available strikes at the start of the tournament:

1st – 14
2nd – 13
3rd-4th – 12
5th-8th – 11
9th-12th – 10
13th-16th – 9
17th-24th – 8
25th-32nd – 7

Winner gets name engraved on a perpetual belt (As well as most VPPRs, and top Belle). The winner gets to keep the belt for a year (as long as they reside in VIC, the belt cannot cross borders). The belt has 4 spots, therefore the current belt will be used for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. The person who wins the most championships in this period will get to keep the belt. If there is a draw for the amount of wins, there will be a play off for the belt.

IFPA Rankings

2024 International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) Ranking for Victoria

Australian Championship SeriesFor more info on official website

The IFPA Australian Championship Series is an annual pinball competition with players qualifying throughout the entire calendar year. Included in the ACS are the IFPA State/Territory Championships. At the end of each calendar year, the top 16 ranked players (or 24) with the most WPPR points from each state/territory will qualify for the playoffs, where they will play for the title of IFPA State/Territory Champion within that area.

The top 4 players in each IFPA State/Territory Championship will be invited to compete in the IFPA Australian Pinball Championship. The remaining places in the field of 48 for the IFPA Australian Pinball Championship will be filled using the ACS standings, where players are ranked according to the WPPR points earned in all tournaments played in Australia during the calendar year. Only a player’s best 20 results will count towards their standing.

All IFPA State/Territory Championships will be held in February. With all of the Championships being held on the same day, no player will be eligible to compete for multiple titles, however it is possible for someone to qualify for a Championship in a State/Territory in which they do not live in.

Previous rankings

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